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Hot Food Bar and Salad Bar available 11am - 8pm every day

🌟 Craving a culinary adventure? Look no further than our sizzling hot food bar and fresh salad bar! 🌶️ From the tantalizing flavors of Pakistani spices to the vibrant Mediterranean spreads, zesty American classics, aromatic Indian dishes, savory Chinese delights, and refined European fare – we’ve got it all under one roof! 🍲🥗

✨ Step into a world of mouthwatering diversity from 11 am to 8 pm daily. Indulge in an international feast that will transport your taste buds across continents without ever leaving your seat. Whether you’re a fan of fiery curries or crispy stir-fries, hearty salads or decadent desserts – our selection has something for every palate. Don’t miss out on this epicurean experience that’s sure to leave you craving more!

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Martfury - Your One-Stop Online Pharmacy

– Automated prescription refill: Set up scheduled refills for your online medicine orders and never worry about running out of your meds
– Doorstep delivery: No more trips to the pharmacy, with on-time delivery of your medicines right to your doorstep
– Medicine order history: No more scrolling through pages to find what you need. Just check your medicine order history and re-order
– Exclusive offers and discounts: Enjoy cashbacks, flat discounts and other exclusive offers on your medicine orders

Get every medicine on time & everytime:

When you purchase medicines on Martfury, you can be assured that you will get the medicines you order. Our trained pharmacists, partner pharmacies and medical stores ensure that your medicines are delivered to you on time, anywhere in USA*. Practo is powered by intelligent systems that remembers all the medicines you ordered online and makes sure they’re always available whenever you need them. So, you’ll always find your medicines on Martfuy’s online pharmacy, anywhere in USA*.

Buy Fitness and Wellness Products:

When you’re doing your best to stay fit and healthy, you shouldn’t have to worry about having everything you need to do so. With Martfury Pharmacy, you can order everything you need to stay in shape and take care of yourself. From fitness enthusiasts in need of protein supplements or health drinks, to health conscious individuals looking for herbal supplements, health food and vitamin supplements.

Buy Personal Care Products:

Giving your body the care it needs just got a whole lot simple. Choose from an extensive list of personal care products that includes top brands like Pantene, Himalaya, Neutrogena, Brylcreem, Durex and Karmasutra. Find products for skin care, hair care and lip care, as well as products for more intimate purposes like sexual wellness.

Buy Health Devices & Surgical Supplies:

Good healthcare begins at home. Keep your first-aid kits stocked with thermometer, bandages, antiseptic solutions, mosquito repellent and other essential medical equipment such as health monitors and weighing scales.

Buy Ayurvedic Medicines:

Searching for ayurvedic medicines? Avail the benefits of traditional medicine created right here in USA, with products formulated for stomach care, liver care, sexual wellness and more

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